Care for your hand dyed yarn.

Hand dyed yarn is a special and unique product. We rinse all our yarns as part of the dyeing process until they are running clear.  However some bleeding of colours may occur during use or in the finished item as a result of skin PH, temperature and softness/hardness of water used for washing and detergents used.  This should only occur for the first few washes.  We recommend that all finished items are hand washed in cool water with a gentle wool specific detergent and for more intense colours we would recommend products such as colour catchers being used to soak up any colour that bleeds especially where there are a mix of darker and lighter yarns being used.  Some of our yarns are Superwash and can be machine washed at 30 degrees but we would still recommend handwashing for all finished items regardless.  All items should be dried flat and blocking will improve the overall look of your finished items.  YouTube is a fantastic resource on methods of blocking.

Can I use my yarn directly from the Skein?

No, this will result in a tangled mess! Yarn will need to be caked or hand wound into a ball when it is ready to be used.  Again YouTube is a good resource for this if you are unsure on how to do this.

If I run out mid-project and buy more will it be the same?

All of our yarns are dyed in batches of between 2 and 6 skeins at a time.  No two skeins will ever be identical and this is the beauty of hand dyed yarn.  To avoid pooling and variations between skeins we would always recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows. We operate a Dye to Order system on most colours and most bases if you do not see enough of a particular colourway or base listed.  We would always advise that you buy enough yarn to complete the project in the same transaction as this is the best way to get yarns from the same batch. We will do our best to ensure consistency when packing orders but if we feel there is too much variation in your order we will contact you to discuss options.

Environmental issues?

We take protecting our environment very seriously.  We still have some single use plastic mailers that we panic bought when we started out to use up but after they are gone it will be recycled and recyclable paper mailers all the way. 

In our dyeing practices we minimise our water use where possible through reusing and even using the water our dehumidifiers collect.  We also ensure that dyes are fully exhausted before anything goes down the sink and we never waste dyes. 

We never ever use cling film or other single use plastics in our practices even down to using reuseable cable ties to avoid skein tangles when dyeing.  Our yarns are sourced from the most reputable companies whose ethos match our own and farming practices and animal welfare are of the utmost importance to us.


If there is anything you need further information on please contact us with any questions!