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ChiaoGoo Twist Short Combo

Regular price £18.50

Not only do Chiaogoo offer the world's smallest interchangeables but now they offer the world's shortest interchangeables!

Each COMBO pack contains a set of 2" (5cm); a set of 3" (8cm) Stainless Steel Tips; a 5" and a 6" cable. This gives you amazing flexibility in the number of combinations you can use.

For the first time we are able to offer Asymmetric Circulars (sometimes call Differential Circulars) where you can use a 3" and a 2" tip on the same cable.

1.5mm to 3.25mm Come with Twist Mini Cables and 3.5mm to 5mm come with the new X-Flex Small Connector cables. X-flex is just like the red cables you know and love but with extra "bendiness" to help with those smaller projects.

Cable Lengths 2" and 2" 2" and 3" 3" and 3"
Tip Sizes 9" (23cm) Circ 10" (26cm) Asym Circ -
Tip Sizes 10" (25cm) Circ 11" (28cm) Asym Circ 12" (30cm) Circ

So you get 4 tips AND 2 cables!